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AERIS | Media Group LLC provides integrated marketing, public relations and communications support to companies and business professionals seeking corporate brand turnarounds and personal image campaigns. Building, managing and extending your brand - that's what we do - and we support these initiatives through well-tested brand management services focused on global, national, regional and local major media placements. From press releases to website development, media communications training to social networking, AERIS | Media Group partners offer over 20 years of exceptional communications expertise.

Media Management & Placement

Whether you are a newly-formed entity or well-established company, visibility through the media is critical to growth and brand management. The partners of AERIS | Media Group bring close to 25 years of proven and successful media placements for our clients. These include The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Forbes, Fortune and BusinessWeek to name just a few as well as dozens of local and regional online and print media that have carried our clients' messages to tens of millions of existing and potential clients and consumers. We work closely with our clients to design well-thought-out, unique and original media and communications campaigns that meet their needs and objectives. As a subset of our media management services, AERIS | Media Group develops, writes and disseminates news and information through press releases to various media and Internet outlets for maximum visibility. Many of our clients release and publish news and announcements on a regular basis - AERIS | Media Group works closely with them to leverage that information. In this capacity, we identify the best media partners to position information, with a strong emphasis on the Internet and social networking outlets that syndicate news and information for high visibility impact. As an adjunct to this service we also serve the speechwriting needs of our clients. Whether communicating messages internally or outside to a wider audience, our custom speechwriting is informative, persuasive and is a significant tool in our overall communications strategy package.

Personal Brand and Image Management

Recognizing that no two individuals or companies are alike, AERIS | Media Group assesses the needs and objectives of top professionals who are seeking to develop, maintain or extend their personal image. Our services in this area include extensive media and communications training, personal impact campaigns and etiquette and protocol development. Our goal is to leverage those skill sets that have made individuals successful in their particular professional or business environments and to improve upon those areas where we believe growth can be achieved.

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