Our Latest Work

Building, managing and extending a brand -- AERIS | Media Group drives and supports these initiatives for newly formed start-ups and non-profits to well-established companies. Due to the confidential nature of our work, we keep client media and communications campaign details private. But we can share a few examples of our work.

Create a Big-Hit Image Campaign

A local baseball league, with national reach, needed an image upgrade to compete. We designed and launched a multi-layered sports website for use by players, coaches, fans and the media tracking performance statistics, team schedules and complete game results. Our sophisticated brand campaign conveyed the league's professionalism and received rave reviews.

Develop a Brand That Has Really Taken Off

A growing non-profit organization wanted to expand its visibility through a nationwide communications campaign. We developed a sophisticated media strategy for this national public charity that transports medically-stable patients for treatment by air by forging media partnerships with local, regional and national press that resulted in over 35 placements in newspapers, magazines, radio and television.

Implement a Quick and Effective News Blitz

A training organization required quick and effective visibility for its large annual outdoor air, car and boat show. We tapped into our deep well of local and regional press contacts to drive over 4,000 attendees to the event through a media blitz that featured news coverage in over two dozen news outlets over a 90-day period.

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